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  • Image of Lotion of Immortality
  • Image of Lotion of Immortality

Pre-order is CLOSED! These products will be available in the shop in a few weeks, once pre-orders are all fulfilled. Expected ship date for pre-orders is late July.

Thick moisturizing lotion, wonderful on cuticles and hands or anywhere else! Made with Shea butter and Aloe. You don't need much, only use 1/4 tsp for both hands, or half that for just your cuticles.

If you order any of these pre-order products and any other products in the shop, your whole order will ship after the Lotion of Immortality order can be fulfilled. If you would like your other items delivered right away, please make a second order. Contact us with any concerns or questions.

Hero's Shield
Fragrance free. Hero's Sword not included

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot
Cup of tea with lemon cakes. Make it so!

Cabin in the Lost Woods
Gentle rainfall in the Sacred Forest Meadow

Berry Cunning Hat
Sweet strawberry & citrus. Enjoy in your bunk

Goblin King
Spiced peaches as the world falls down

The Chosen Bun
Hufflepuff House's magic cinnamon rolls

Coming Soon